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Hair Color

Hair Color Shampoo


There is no beauty without color. 

If you have colored hair, I suppose you already know that you need a special shampoo for hair subjected to coloring techniques. One that delicately protects the color of your hair and enhances its shine to keep it alive and healthy for much longer.

These are the effects of olive oil -main natural ingredient of Hair Color Shampoo. It deeply hydrates and protects your hair from external aggressions that can damage your color on a day-to-day basis ;)

* About its formula? It is natural and vegan, free of sulfates, parabens, silicones and petrolatum.

* What about its packaging? The material used is 100% recyclable PET with biodegradable labels. In addition, we package the products in sustainable economy boxes (FSC) so we ensure that all the raw material comes from sustainable forests.

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Reviews (4)

Muy contenta

Hidrata y da mucho brillo,tengo el pelo teñido desde hace mucho tiempo ,y muy seco y encrespado solo lo pobre dos veces por ahora y genial


realza rubio natural

realza el color natural de mi pelo; imagino que ahora en verano incluso mas pero, me imagino que por la edad, me lo seca.


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Hair Color Shampoo

Hair Color Shampoo

Caring and protecting shampoo of color-treated hair or natural blond hair.

Complete your hair care routine!