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Somos una marca made with love

We love your hair

There are as many types of hair as there are people in the world. And we are dedicated precisely to studying them, analyzing them, looking for the best and most natural formulas to guarantee, always (always, always!) The care and health of each type of hair.

We love our world

We create products that do not harm your hair or our planet. We use natural ingredients (free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, petrolates ... And many other unnamed toxic ingredients. And of course, we never test our formulas on animals! In addition, we give a second (third, fourth and fifth…) life to our packaging (100% recyclable PET with biodegradable labels). We pack the products in sustainable economy boxes (FSC).

We love things well done

And we are not just referring to the quality and effectiveness of our products. We closely follow the entire production process so that not even the smallest detail escapes us. And, always, with the Profesional Cosmetics guarantee. Profesional Cosmetics.

We love Barcelona

We are from Barcelona, we produce on a small scale and we do everything with great affection and 100% "in da house”. This is from searching for new formulas and choosing the natural and local ingredients, to production, design, packaging, picking... We even do the shipping to your home! We are and want to be a brand "made with love" in every way ;)