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Routine to take care of your hair in winter

Many of you write to us asking for a miracle hair routine to help your hair regain the moisture and shine it had before winter. Well, we have a miracle routine! But before we share it, we'd like to explain why with the change of season and the drop in temperatures, your hair looks duller and its texture is dry and dehydrated.

Just as your skin feels the cold weather has arrived, so does your hair. And not only that! It feels the sudden changes in temperature to which you expose it by using warmer water when you shower, using a hairdryer to dry your hair, putting the heating on at home... All these external factors are what damage your hair (without you being aware of it) and cause it to be drier and duller in winter.

Specifically what happens is that the hot water takes away the natural oils that protect and moisturize the scalp so the hair looks dehydrated and dry and, in addition, the porosity of the hair fibers increases causing the hair to break more easily. We know you won't stop showering with hot water when it's cold (we don't want you to either!) but what you can do is follow this care routine to pamper your hair in winter and keep the shine, silky texture and moisture you love. Take note!

Tips for moisturizing your hair in winter

  • Follow a hair care routine that hydrates your hair: The way to avoid everything you've been reading about is to create a protective barrier for your hair and this is done by moisturizing. We recommend that you follow a deep nourishing routine to repair the hair fiber and protect your hair from external agents. The Repair & Nutrition Plus routine has been specifically formulated to nourish and repair the driest and most damaged hair. It combines more than 15 natural active ingredients, including soy protein and avocado, which provide an incredible repairing and protective action. We recommend it!

  • Shampoo and conditioner are not everything: if you are one of those people who only use these two basics, you should know that in winter your hair will demand more attention. Remember that we have seen that the biggest problem in winter is hair dehydration, so using a nourishing mask once a week to give your hair extra moisture or a serum to strengthen and repair the ends can be very useful. In addition, you can always carry the serum with you to use when your hair feels dry or damaged.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature: this is the most complicated tip to apply and the one we can help you with the least because it is not in our hands... but it is really useful for the health of your hair to avoid excessively hot temperatures. Try to shower with lukewarm water and, above all, reduce the use of heat appliances (hairdryers, straighteners, curling irons...). Ideally, let your hair air dry, but if you are one of those people who need to feel your hair dry to avoid a cold, we recommend that you try not to expose your scalp directly to heat or use a heat protector. Don't have a heat protectant? NO PROBLEM. Here are 2 tips: apply a serum before blow-drying your hair to provide natural protection. And if you also apply it at the end of the day, your hair will be nourished all day long and will smell delicious. Another useful trick is to apply a very small amount of conditioner to your hair and, without rinsing, blow dry your hair with a hair dryer - your mane will be protected from the heat and there will be no trace of frizz!
  • Use anti-frizz products: I'm sure you've noticed that in winter hair tends to. It tends to frizz much more and to have static electricity. Just put on a turtleneck sweater and suddenly you look like Cruella de Vil. To remedy this, we recommend the use of anti-frizz products such as a nourishing oil or a light serum.

And that's it! Because we don't need to tell you that, OF COURSE, all the products you use must be sulfate-free, paraben-free and silicone-free, do we? Your hair deserves natural and respectful care so don't ever skip this!

If you have any doubts or there's no way to restore shine and hydration to your hair, write to us, we're always happy to help! 

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