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How to add volume to thin hair?

"How to give volume to thin hair" is one of the most frequently asked questions. If you have the same concern, just keep reading! We share to you our tips, tricks, products (even hairstyles!)

To give volume to fine hair and any type of hair that wants to gain movement and body. Because everything, everything, TODO, TUTTO ... (and in all the languages you can imagine) is possible so don't get desperate.

Hair volumizing products

The first step to enjoying more volume in your hair is choosing the right care products.

Step 1: Choose a shampoo specifically formulated for volumizing hair or for fine hair. It will help thicken your hair so it will be easier to add volume!

Step 2: Avoid conditioner. Pay attention to us! The conditioner is the perfect ally to provide hydration and nutrition to the hair, but it can alter the lightness of the hair making the hair weigh more and causing it to weigh down, falling on the roots. If you are using conditioner, apply it only (especially!) To the ends.

Step 3: Instead of conditioner, rely on the power of boosters to soften hair, repair ends and give hair volume, without frizz!

Step 4: Dry shampoos are a fantastic ally for revitalizing fine hair or dull manes as they add lift and body to the hair. Incorporate them into your hair care routine.

Your routine complete! Having discussed the basic products to give hair volume, it is important that you take these tips into account to achieve exceptional volume.

  1. How to give volume to oily hair: Did you know that oily hair usually has less volume? By having more sebum on the scalp, the hair becomes heavy, losing movement and body. We recommend purifying your hair and balancing excess oil with a specific care line such as Detox & Control (link range) and then applying a volume treatment such as Super Volume (link range).
  2. Avoid products with silicones: these types of products favor the appearance of sebum, so, as you have read above, if you want to enjoy hair with a lot of volume ... you should avoid them!
  3. The anti-hair loss products are good allies of the treatments to give volume to the hair. Any product that helps thicken your hair will be helping you increase the volume of your hair. Strengthening treatments that seek to prevent hair loss and increase hair density are a perfect complement to help you show off a thicker mane.

Tricks to give your hair volume

But this is not all! There are other tricks you can try to add volume to your hair. Start taking notes!

  • Massage, massage, massage… Did you know that 5 minutes of daily massage on the scalp can help you stimulate hair follicles, increase hair volume and… even relax? Trust us on this one!
  • Face down and blow dry your hair! Yes, when your hairdresser asks you to put your head down to dry your hair, he does not do it thinking about the health of his back but about the beauty of your hair. Drying the hair upside down is a trick to lift the roots and give the hair volume.
  • The variety depends on each tastes! We recommend that you change the part that you part your hair periodically to prevent your hair from settling in the same position and looking flat.
  • Dare for a WOW haircut. There are haircuts that add extra volume to the hair, such as midi hair, bob cuts or scaled ones that, when falling in layers, give a feeling of greater movement. Be daring... You have the power of volume in your own hands!
  • Before going to sleep, think about your hair! We are sure that before you go to bed, you do spend a few minutes doing your nighttime facial hygiene routine, right? Your hair deserves the same care as your face. Just take a few moments and take advantage of this moment to comb and put your hair in a pair of buns. The next day, loosen your hair, shape it with your hands and enjoy the extra volume.
  • Eat, but eat you need to well. Food has direct consequences on the beauty of the hair. If you want to add volume to fine hair. We recommend eating foods rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

As you can see, when facing the question "How to give volume to thin hair?" there are many solutions that can help you. Start using products to give your hair volume, follow some of the tricks we have shared and… let us know! We want to see how your hair is gaining volume, movement and much, much more prominence.

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