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5 hairstyles for Christmas parties

The holidays are approaching and with them come family gatherings, company dinners, lunches with friends, invisible friends... If you want to look radiant on each of these occasions, this article will interest you! We propose 5 different hairstyles so you can play with your hair getting a unique look for every moment.


The water waves is a wildcard hairstyle, valid for all types of hair: long and midi, which will allow you to get a sophisticated and elegant look in record time. All you have to do is divide the hair into 4 parts (2 at the back and 2 at the front), wave the hair with tongs giving the wave more or less openness depending on the size you want to achieve, and comb the hair removing the stiffness to give a natural touch to the hairstyle.

Your ally: It is important to use a serum before using the tongs to protect the hair from heat. It will also help the wave to take shape more quickly and add shine to your mane.


The braid is a very versatile hairstyle that can accompany you in your daily life with a more bohemian look, but also in the most formal and elegant events. It all depends on the touch you give it! For Christmas parties and get-togethers, we recommend a high herringbone braid, not too tight so that it is rather loose. If you have a lot of hair, it will be your ideal hairstyle!


We rarely dare to go to a party with a ponytail because of its simplicity, but there's no safer bet than this hairstyle. It is an elegant bet that leaves the face uncovered giving all the prominence to your makeup that will allow you to highlight more your eyes, your smile ... whatever you want!

Your ally: To achieve a beautiful ponytail, we recommend that you wash your hair with the Detox & Control Pack. It will help purify your scalp and give your hair a soft, shiny texture ready to be styled into a ponytail.


If you love braids as much as we do, but want a more romantic look, you can make an updo with the braid itself - it's easier than it looks! With your hair loose, start braiding the hair at the roots from the side of the front of your head. Continue braiding the braid by picking up new strands to braid all the hair to the opposite side. When finished, secure the braid on the other side of the head with bobby pins. For a perfect result, use a hairspray to fix it.


Another perfect hairstyle for parties is the low updo. It is a hairstyle that enhances the volume of the hair and gives a romantic and elegant air to the look. We recommend letting a couple of strands of hair down at the front to complete the look.

Your ally: If you're going for this hairstyle, we recommend using Super Volume Shampoo to give your hair more movement and volume before styling it up.

And here are our 5 favorite hairstyles for the holidays. If you have any questions about how to do them or which products to use, email us at! 

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